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Our pre shoot chat is about getting you and your family prepared for your shoot.

We also collect some information so we can personalise your session and shoot images designed especially to suit your style and home.

It’s about getting to know you and inspiring us. 



This is where the amazing fun begins.
Where we bring everything we learnt from you to capture the real bond you have with your loved ones. 

We are not about ‘cheese,’ in fact that word is forbidden in our studio unless it's with your wine.  We are trained to capture true energy and connection.  Our Natural, relaxed and fun imagery is what makes our photography timeless.

We offer a variety of choices in your shoot to ensure you have options to choose from. Your session usually contains 2 changes of clothes, a variety of posing and combinations.


This is one of the most rewarding moments of the entire experience we offer.  Where you get to see a slide show of your family in a way that will bring huge smiles to your face, and maybe a few tears.

You will also choose your complimentary high resolution fully edited and hand retouched Digital image, which is yours free for coming in and trying us.

We understand some people want extra images,  we have options
and pricing for anything extra you may want to take home.
You can find a full digital price list here.

We have a strict no obligation no pressure policy.

This is also where you can create and personalise images and design them into collections for your home.



It all comes together here with our beyond care, your amazing efforts, and our creative passion for giving you beautiful wall art, desk art, or digital images.

Our design team and photographers personalise your images to suit your space.  We want them to look beyond amazing on your walls.  The design of your digital images is there waiting for you when you wish to print them out and place them around your home. This includes a collaboration between yourself and the designers for a truly bespoke design. 

Once completed, the digital images are resized, toned, cropped, and given back to you to print where very you like, or you can have them printed with us for a further 15% off. 

Your digital imagery is fully retouched by our editing team and your artwork is locally hand made and ready to hang.

Desktop pieces are also available as options should you choose to want more.


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