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  • I got a text message from PORTRAITHUB
    We use a dedicated NO REPLY ALFA TEXT SYSTEM to confirm competition winners, remind people about deposits or bookings and send reminders. Our dedicated ALFA DATA text is from PORTRAITHUB You would have received a text message from this ALFA TEXT NUMBER because you entered one of our competitions or made a booking. It is NOT a scam text. Examples of a text would be. Dear [First Name], as you read when you booked your photography session for [Session Date], all sessions require a fully refundable studio holding deposit of 75 Dollars. Refunded after your shoot. ......... If you have already paid, or need more info please call. 0290377773 - Regards Portrait Hub Studio. No REPLY or CONGRATULATIONS FROM PORTRAIT HUB STUDIO; Hi, (your name) You won our runner up prize of a Free Photoshoot plus a Full Res Digital Image because you recently entered our "Win a Family shoot" comp though our website................. . Book HERE We can't wait to meet you! Ph: 02 90377773 - Jaydon and Felipe - Portrait Hub Studio. No REPLY
  • What is a $75 fully refundable studio deposit ?
    Fully refundable Studio holding deposit. Due to popularity, and much like beauty salons, hair dresses and waxing salons, ALL SATURDAY, SUNDAY and PUBLIC HOLIDAY sessions require a fully refundable studio holding deposit of $75 which is refunded to you on the day you view your images. This will confirm your session. All sessions require a fully refundable of the day of your shoot $75 studio hold deposit regardless of your invitation type. This will confirm your session. It is payable though our secure portal online or via phone or via our text message. Here is the link to pay it. It is refunded to you on the day of your shoot, or when you view your images if the viewing day is different to your shoot day. It may be retained if you give us less than 72 hours cancellation. It will be retain if you do not attend your shoot It can be refunded into your account, directly onto your card or taken from the value of extra images should you wish to do so. You will receive a confirmation once paid. If your fully refundable studio holding deposit is not confirmed within 72 hours, your session will be made available to another family and you will loose your session You can reschedule your session within 72 hours of your scheduled date. There is NO Fully refundable studio holding deposit required for Monday to Thursday sessions.
  • How does Portrait Hub differ from other photography studios?
    We’re trying to change the industry! Over the past 20 years of working in other studios, around Sydney and Australia, We often heard what’s the catch? you’re going to force me spend $1000’s, You’re going to pressure me to buy more, We have also seen tactics from some studios pressuring people into buying images, with threats such as “Sign here or they get deleted straight away” “That will be $XXX for all images, Sign here for finance.” Some studios don’t even give you an option, they just print out what you chose and say “How do you want to pay” Sadly this still happens in many studios. We have seen it, We’ve heard it, some of our clients have told us about other studios and WE DON’T LIKE IT! WE WILL NEVER DO THAT! There is nothing worse then giving you an amazing time in the shoot room and making you feel awkward or uncomfortable in the viewing room. We have a ‘NO PRESSURE NO OBLIGATION” policy. We would never make you feel uncomfortable. IT’S JUST NOT US Your invitation is an opportunity to try us without having to buy us. If you want extra images, great! WE CAN SHOW YOU AFFORDABLE OPTIONS. if you don’t want anything extra, that’s great too.
  • Why did I receive an invitation?
    There are many ways to receive an invitation. You may have entered one of our giveaways on Face book or Instagram. You may have won it in a fundraising event. You may have been given it by one of our corporate partners. You may have received it from a friend. Or you could have been gifted one from a friend or loved one. Either way, your invitation is an amazing opportunity to capture your family and share their memories.
  • What is my invitation worth?
    Your invitation is valued at either $875, $1250, or $2465. Your Invitation is all-inclusive and includes a full-resolution digital image, fully retouched and ready to print * Your invitation is NOT credited towards purchasing any extra images you may wish to do so on the day. Your invitation covers you (pays for) for and is broken down into the following. 1.5 Hour invitation: Your 1.5 Hr shoot with a senior photographer; Valued at $275.00 Your 1 Hr viewing with a senior designer; Valued at $160.00 Your high-resolution fully edited digital image; Valued ay $275.00 Your bespoke design of images; Valued at $165.00 Total value $875. 3 Hour invitation: Your 3 Hr shoot with a senior photographer; Valued at $550.00 Your 1 Hr viewing with a senior designer; Valued at $210.00 Your high-resolution fully edited digital image; Valued ay $275.00 Your bespoke design of images; Valued at $165.00 Total value $1250 10 image invitation: Your 1.5 Hr shoot with a senior photographer; Valued at $275.00 Your 1 Hr viewing with a senior designer; Valued at $160.00 10 high-resolution fully edited digital images; Valued ay $1865 Your bespoke design of images; Valued at $165.00 Total value $2465 Beer, wine, and refreshments, as well as nibbles, are complimentary across all shoots. ​​ The value of this invitation cannot be used with any other offer. Is not redeemable for cash. The value of the invitation pays for your studio hire, your senior photographer, the viewing and design, and your fully retouched digital image or artwork. We even throw in a selection of teas, coffees, and cool drinks. Only one invitation per session can be used to claim the complimentary digital image. This voucher cannot be used to purchase images from previous photography sessions.
  • What does my invitation include ?
    Your invitation includes a pre shoot call to help you prepare for your session. Your 1.5 Hr or 3 Hr shoot in our modern and relaxed air-conditioned studio with a senior photographer. Your viewing, where you can choose your image to have retouched along with with other images of your choice if you choose to purchase anything extra. Your design which includes one on one bespoke collections or single pieces ready for you to print out. A fully retouched digital image (unless otherwise stated on your Invitation) Drinks and Nibbles on the day.
  • Can I use the value of my invitation for extra images?
    No! The value of this invitation cannot be used with any other offer. Is not redeemable for cash. The value of the invitation pays for the following. Your shoot with a senior photographer. Your viewing with a senior designer. Your high-resolution fully edited digital image. Your bespoke design of images. Refreshments and nibbles. ​​ Only one invitation per session can be used to claim the complimentary digital image. This voucher cannot be used to purchase images from previous photography sessions.
  • What times are your sessions?
    Our weekday sessions are 10AM, 2PM and 6PM. Our weekend sessions are 9AM, 1PM and 4:30PM Friday, Weekend and public holiday sessions require a fully refundable studio holding deposit of $75.00. (You get this back on the day of the shoot or the day you view your images,) This deposit is required to secure your weekend or public holiday sesison, as these sessions are our most popular. This must be paid regardless of your session being Complimentary.
  • Who can I bring to my Shoot ?
    Who do you want to bring is more like it. We welcome your entire family. Immediate or absolutely everyone. Bump shoots, Newborn's, couples, families, generations, everyone is welcome. We would love you to bring your pets too, because we after all, they are as much as the family as you are!
  • Are dogs welcome?
    Yes absolutely! Your furbaby is more than welcome, infact, they are expected. Dogs, cats, rats, mice, rabits, even snakes are welcome.
  • How should I prepare for my shoot?
    Preparing for a photography session can be overwhelming. We will call you prior to the shoot to help you get ready, explain the process, what to expect, and even where to park. We also use this one to one to help us tailor your shoot to suite your lifestyle and needs.
  • Is hair and makeup provided ?
    No, we don't provide hair and makeup. We want you to be yourself and no one knoss how to "Do You" better than you. When wearing make up, please stay away from glossy, shiny styles as our lights enhance these areas. You could say - Our lights are your makeup. We also retouch skin so we can cover any imperfections if required.
  • Where do you shoot?
    A majority of our shoots are indoors in studio. It's a comfortable, relaxed and controlled enviroment. After your session, you will have time to view the images. Studio Sessions can be boooked Tuesday to Sunday. Session times are 9AM, 1PM, 4:30Pm and 7:45Pm Our In-home sessions utalise the space and personal atmosphere of your place. In home bookings are Tuesday to Friday only. sesoin times are 10AM and 2PM.
  • Whats the difference between "PRINT ME" and "SHARE ME" digital images?"
    Our SHARE ME Digital images are perfect for sharing online on all social media platforms and you can print them to 8inx12in. PRINT ME digitals are unrestricted in print size and 300DPI. Print Me Digitals are perfect for larger wall art pieces should you want to print them and put them on walls at a later date. There is a slight cost difference between Share Me and Print Me digitals.
  • When will I receive my digital images?
    Once you finalise your selection, images will be edited in-house, retouching skin and removing unwanted skin imperfections. we allow 4 to 6 weeks for editing, however they often are completed much faster.
  • Can I purchase a photography experience ?
    Yes. Photography sessions can be purchased to share and give as a present, a fund raiser event or to use another time. They include a pre shoot chat, your 1.5 or 3 hour photoshoot, time to view the images afterwards and a digital image printable in high resolution. Contact us to find out more.
  • What is the warrenty on the artwork we purchase?
    We offer amazing warrenty on all our products, however warrenty differs for each product. CANVAS PRODUCTS: Our canvas have an unconditional 75 year warrenty. No matter what happens to it, fire, theft, water damage or even drawn all over by the kids, we will replace it for you. ACRYLIC BLOCKS: Using only UV stabilized acrylic that is guaranteed not to yellow or crack with time, we can happily offer a 35 year warranty on our acrylic blocks, making them a truly generational piece. ACRYLIC FLOAT FRAMES: Using the best quality Plexiglass acrylic and only diamond polishing the edges of your ICEMounts, we can offer a 30 year warranty with the guarantee they will not crack or turn yellow. PICTURE FRAMES: Using high quality professional framing products and UK Guild certified fine art paper allows us to offer a 35 year warranty on the workmanship of the completed frame. You can be assured that your frame will become a generational heirloom.
  • How much is In-Home Photography?
    Our In-home photography sessions are $350 and include 2 "Share Me" digital images. All inhome bookings must be paid online prior to your session and when making your booking.
  • Are there any finance options?
    Yes, we use Etika, Payright. Humm and After Pay. we also have an inhouse Laybuy option for those who do not have finance options available. Etika No fee what so ever. No deposit, No monthly fees, No application fees, No late fees. 100% interest free. Min 1500.00. Credit check required. Application done in studio. You will receive all your images once edited. Humm Humm Little things - uner $2K - 20% deposit required. Humm Big things - $2K-$9K - 20% deposit required. See Humm for terms and conditions on payment. Afterpay Payements divided by 4. First payment payable upfront via Afterpay card, next payment 2 weeks later, following payment 2 weeks after that, then final payment 2 weeks later. Payright Payright applications can me made on the day of purchase and require a minimum 10% deposit and repayments can be made over 12 months. A credit check wil be required though the payright application. You will receive all your images once edited.
  • Do you accept Amex?
    Yes, we proudly accept American Express credit cards and offer no FEE transactions for all Amex purchases and 3 points per every dollar spent. We also accept visa, mastercard or cash.
  • Can I purchase aditional artwork?
    Yes. Our wall art includes: Canvas prints. Floating canvas prints, framed with natural, white or black frames that have a floating appearance. Acrylic floating frames. Picture frames. Our desk art Acrylic blocks.
  • What are your Christmas hours?
    Our Chrismas hours are: DEC 23: Open DEC 24: 9AM-1Pm (By appointment only) DEC 25: Closed DEC 26: Closed DEC 27: Closed DEC 28: Closed DEC 29: Closed DEC 30: Closed DEC 31: Closed JAN 01: Closed JAN 02: Closed
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 222 Victoria Rd Drummoyne, however our parking and entrance are located directily behind the building at 1B Wrights Rd. Drummoyne. Aproximately 75 meters or 5 Buildings from the corner. (Navigate to 3Wrights Road Drummoyne). We have parking available so you won't need to park on the street. Look out for a black fence with thje Portrait Hub logo and banner. Please note there is another studio closer to the corner. THIS IS NOT US. We are an open carpark with our entrance behind the car park.
  • What is the "Share the love" promotion?
    Our Share the love promotion is a voting competition where you could win extra images from your shoot. Is only available for those who purchase extra images or for those who are invited to participate. It is not Always running and there is no guarantee you will be entered. You must select and image to have placed on our dedicated and private landing page. You must share the link and encourage people to vote for you. Only one vote per person is accepted. Participants in the shoot are not permitted to vote for yourself. To see terms and conditions please visit our Terms and conditions page
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