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"Before you go see other studios, or even if you have booked with other studios you SHOULD READ THIS.

A few tips you should know when choosing a photography studio.

1: Beware of the $500 gift card.

A credit against anything else you purchase is a way to hide ridiculous prices.  It is used to soften the blow on highly marked up prices on artwork.

Our prices are lower than any of our competitors even without a $500 credit promise. If not we will beat them with like for like products on their wall art range.

2: Make sure you ask for prices upfront.

If you do want anything extra besides your complimentary image, find out prices. Compare apples with apples. If they are very vague, be worried.


We advertise our prices on our website. We have nothing to hide because we are the photographers. Our prices are far less than other studios. We explain our prices when we call you as well.

3: Read the studio's Google reviews and search them online
Go deep. Don't just read the first one or two. Look out for scary words like "pressure selling, felt guilty, emotional blackmail.  Don't forget to look at videos, images and reviews in google.


We have a five star review rating on google consisting of over 195 x 5 stars reviews  and 1 x 3 star review.

4: Look at their images. Do you like them? Is it your style?
Ask if the photographer who took them still works there. Chances are they have moved on. Often replacement photographers haven't been shooting for long. Don't be afraid to ask to see their work.  

We are the photographers and we shoot traditional as well as creative and emotional images with connection storytelling and most importantly verity. We are lighting and photography masters who have been shooting for over 20 years. These are our images and Portrait Hub Studio is our business.

5: It's not too late to change your mind.
Even if you paid a deposit, most studios will insist you give up to 7 days notice to cancel your shoot with them to get your deposit back. Don't be afraid to cancel and request a refund. It's ok to change your mind and rebook with a studio you connect with.

6: Make sure there is NO pressure, and NO obligation.
If you feel pressured get out of there quick. Pressure selling is a big thing in this industry and we are sorry for it. We do not accept this behaviour.  When choosing your images, make sure the studio doesn't threaten to delete them straight away if you don't purchase. If you feel pressured - Get out! 


We have a strict no pressure, no obligation policy. We will never make you feel guilty for not purchasing anything extra, never put you under pressure to purchase anything extra and definitely never threaten to delete your images straight away if you don't purchase them.  We hold on to them for a few months in case you change your mind or want anything extra. 

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