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We are proudly COVID safe.

We are proudly 'COVID Safe' and practice NSW Government COVID Safety measures.
We clean our studio between clients, disinfect all surfaces and equipment. 


We have hand sanitiser in all rooms easily accessible for all visitors and staff.


For all unannounced persons entering you will be required to "Check In" on arrival.


As family photographers we are tested every month and all our staff are fully double vaccinated.

We are committed to COVID Safety.

Due to strict government guidelines of the public health order, Prior to December 15 2021, all adults who book into our studio for a session will be required to be double vaccinated.  We are allowed to accept the remainder of the community from December 16 2021.

If you are booked in for a shoot and show any signs of Coughs, colds, sniffles or any COVID-related Symptoms on the day of your scheduled session please contact us and let us know as there is a possibility we may reschedule your shoot. 

While we screen clients coming in as to symptoms and recent hotspot activities, we can only rely on the answers given to us.   

To see a copy of our COVID safety plan please email us.