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We will NEVER do that!

A Current Affairs Article. - Gap Studios.

We are aware of the hard sell tactics and the emotional blackmail some studios use.

Recently A current Affair ran a story about ‘Gap Studios’ who use this style of sell.

Portrait Hub Studio has not and will never operate in that manner.

This is the exact reason Portrait Hub was formed. To stop that behaviour. We are the studio that’s changing the way photography studios operate!

We pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency and generosity!

Unfortunately some studio’s like Gap Studios featured on ACA do exist. Fortunately, we are nothing like that! We have a strict NO PRESSURE, NO OBLIGATION policy. It is the Cornerstone of our business and one of our key operating policies,

We won’t threaten to delete your Images, and we put all our pricing online. We even mention pricing structures before you come in in case you are interested in tanking anything extra home. Our invitations are a ‘Try before you buy’ offer with one complimentary image given in digital.

If you want anything extra, that’s nice, if you don’t, no problem for us because we know you had an amazing time and so did we.

Jaydon Cabe Director - Portrait Hub Pty Ltd

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